Instrument Accessories that I use

When playing there is a common set of mouthpieces that I tend to use when recording or playing in public.

Instrument BrandSize
TrumpetHarrelson Trumpets5MM
CornetDenis Wick Heritage5B
Trombone (Small bore)Denis Wick6BY
Trombone (Large bore)Denis Wick4AL
Bass TromboneDenis Wick0AL or 2AL
EuphoniumDenis WickSM3X



I’m a slide-o-mix fanboy



Mouthpiece Collection Accumulation (Selection)

Vincent Bach1 1/2GGold
Vincent Bach 1 1/2GSilverx2
Vincent Bach1 1/4 GMSilver
Vincent Bach12CSilver
Vincent Bach10 1/2CGoldWorn
Christian Lindberg4CLSilver
Denis Wick0ALSilverHeavytop
Denis Wick0ALGold
Denis Wick2ALSilver
Denis Wick4ALSilver
Denis Wick5BLSilver
Denis Wick5BSSilver
Denis Wick6BLSilver
Denis Wick6BLGoldWorn
Denis Wick6BYGold
Denis Wick5BGoldWorn
Denis Wick5BGold
Denis Wick5B HeritageSilver/Gold
Denis Wick2FSilver
Denis Wick3GoldWorn
Denis Wick4GoldWorn
Denis Wick1LSilver
Denis WickSM3XSilver