Instrument Collection

My collection has approximately 97 instruments, although choosing where an instrument sits on the spectrum between ‘random parts’ and ‘fully usable instrument’ is sometimes a bit difficult, so in this section I’ve decided to break up the collection into different categories.

Instruments that I consider my ‘main’ instruments:

CornetB&H Sovereign 921 “Round Stamp” Bb1979
TrumpetJean Paul TR430Bb~2017
TromboneB&H Sovereign “Round Stamp” Bb1976
TromboneGetzen 3047AFRBb/F1995
Bass TromboneKing 7BBb/F/Gb/D1980’s?
Bass TromboneBach Stradivarius 50B3Bb/F/Gb/D1983
EuphoniumB&H Sovereign “Round Stamp”Bb1977
TubaSalvation Army Super TriumphonicEb1966



Interesting instruments in my collection:

CornetBesson EnharmonicBb1908Cornet with the Besson Enharmonic valve design. Have two; one from 1908 in good condition, one from 1911-1913 in average condition
CornetConn 81a “Long” cornetBb/A1922Gift from wife, came with complete set of alternative tuning slides. Have since been given a second 81a Victor from Dave H, made in 1924. Both are in good condition.
CornetMeredith Open ToneBb~1917Very rare model with the unique Meredith Open Tone design
CornetCouturier Conical BoreBb/A1921Cornet with an apparently completely conical bore & wedge shaped tuning slides to reduce tight bends
CornetHigham Standard ClassBb~1895Belonged to my maternal Grandfather, was previously used by either his father or uncle
CornetDe LaceyBb1870’sOldest instrument in my collection, functions if valves are recently oiled with thick valve oil
CornetJupiter JCR-526RBb/A>2000With the ‘Vario-max’ tuning system
FlugelhornThierry?Bb<1900Only has two valves, no idea why
Halari Compensateur
Bb??Has a very odd compensating system. The instrument has a serious air leak somewhere – need to do further diagnosis
French HornLidl-BrnoF???Odd compensating design with long horizontal fourth valve
MellophoneConn 18E MellophoniumF1970’sUnusual instrument, donated by viewer
FrumpetGetzenFUnusual instrument, donated by viewer
HornBessonE->B1885Belonged to my grandfather, has markings on each tuning slide to adjust the tuning to several different pitches. Missing the extra tuning slide crooks
HornLaFleurEb???Looks like a flugelhorn, but is in Eb
HornDEGG???Is a marching instrument, effectively a flugelhorn in the key of G
TromboneOld’s Recording R20Bb/F
1969Has a fluted slide
Valve TromboneDe Cart FreresBb??Has three Vienna/Stoezel valves
EuphoniumCG ConnBb1910Double Bell euphonium with 5 valves



Instruments that I’m wanting to restore:

CornetH. N. WhiteBb/C~1913
CornetSalvation Army, various models (x3)Bb
Tenor HornSalvation Army TriumphonicEb1960
French HornDouble horn. Chinese-made (it’s got red Lacquer!)F??
EuphoniumBesson Enharmonic (4v)Bb~1912
TubaBesson Enharmonic (3v)Eb~1912



Instruments/Hardware with special significance:

Eb Soprano CornetBoosey & Hawkes Imperial1959Was used by my father
Cornet MouthpieceKosikup mouthpiece1910?Was used by my father
Bb CornetHigham Standard Class1895Was used by my great-grandfather & grandfather M
Tenor HornBesson E-B multiple key circular Tenor Horn1885Was owned by my grandfather M
G Bass TromboneBoosey & Hawkes Imperial1966Was used by my Grandfather H for several decades